See you at Rõuge Viking Age Day on July 22, 2017

Experimental archeology project to reconstruct traditional Viking age log house with clay floor and board roof, while using as authentic tools and methods as possible, started on the summer of 2010 near the Rõuge stronghold hill. Reconstruction is based on existing archeological and ethnographic materials. The building is based on the house base which was found during the 1955 year archeologycal excavations on the stronghold hill.

The horisontal log smoke-cottage built on the summers of 2010 and 2011, and had been taken in to use on the winter at the beginning of 2012, when 5-6 people lived there for a week. In this phase we collected an information about the living conditions during the iron age.

Article The Reconstruction of the Late Iron Age House: an Archaeological Experiment in Rõuge 2010–2012 about the first two years of the Rõuge Iron Age farm project was published in Estonian Fieldwork in Estonia 2011

Since 2014 we started building the full Iron Age farmstead. Project is still in process. In the future it has to be a place to see Estonina Iron Age living conditions in full size and to conduct educational actions, smaller experimental projects and theme days.